Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What restrictions are there on concurrent activities in MapInfo.
    There are no known restrictions. If you change Mappers or make changes within the current Mapper, click the Refresh LayMan Grid button to see the updated grid. Touch the table tree name to refresh the table list.
  2. What system activity occurs during LayMan , MapInfo operation ?
    User preferences are written to the install directory. Some temporary MapInfo tables are used. These are closed on exiting LayMan.
  3. I have a problem using LayMan on my system. What is the best support method?
    Use the Report Problem button on the Feedback window. This will prompt you to provide information on your system details and the problem experienced. As updates become available, you will be advised by email.
  4. What does the evaluation version allow me to do?
    LayMan for MapInfo Professional allows free use of basic functions. Advanced functions are available on a 30 session trial basis. See LayMan_readme.rtf for details.
  5. LayMan occupies the MapInfo active window area. What control do I have over its window position and status?
    LayMan provides the following window control functions:
    a. Session > Arrange Windows  repositions MapInfo windows hidden by the LM window
    b. LayMan Minimise reduces LM  to a minimum size button pad. Quickly restore to original size.
    c. Drag LM to any edge or corner of the active window to suit your current activity.






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