LayMan for MapInfo - Highlights

LayMan Highlights 

In MapInfo, LayMan appears in the Tools menu and buttons at last user position.

Dim oLyrmanagerX As Object
Dim sReturncode As String
et oLyrmanagerX = CreateObject"LayerManagerX.splayer")   
sReturncode = oLyrmanagerX.RunLayer (Your_MapX_Object)
Your_MapX_Object.AutoRedraw = True
Set oLyrmanagerX = Nothing

MapX Calling Sequence
(MapX support requires version 2)

Sample VB Code


Select a set of layers and zoom to their bounds (including the cosmetic layer).

Docked with MapInfo, LayMan attaches to an edge of the MapInfo window, but allows you to drag the free edge of the window to the desired size.

Work in MapInfo and hit the refresh button in LayMan to update the grid. The navigation pane updates continuously for new windows, layers and tables.

Spreadsheet methods applied to layer control. Column groups expand and collapse with a double click on the column heading.Edit, Style Override, Zoom Layering, Label Properties and Layer Information  are the column groups.

Layer groups allow layers with common properties to be treated as one for display and property changes.

Simple registration process by email. Provide feedback on problems or seek support.

The edit property set provides access to fastedit, undo and read-only properties.

Feature counts, table paths and projection information available for each layer.

User defined function column exposes Table, Layer and Mapper attributes. Pick an attribute and the value appears in the next column. User functions are saved with the Map name for the next session.

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