Introduction to LayMan
for MapInfo® and MapX® .

  • Enhanced layer, workspace, layout and table management for MapInfo and layer management for MapX.
  • Floating (MapX) or docked (Illustration of use [0.8mb])   to base of MapInfo window.
  • Synchronised operation with MapInfo. See your changes as they are made.
  • Build and refer to catalogs for tables, workspaces and applications
  • Comprehensive workspace run and edit facilities.
  • Group layers with common attributes or display requirements and manipulate as a group.
  • See style overrides for all layers at a glance.
  • Summary information including file paths, feature counts and coordinate systems.
  • User function column in the Layer grid allows a layer or table parameter to be evaluated or will run and load results from a Mapbasic script (.mb) or program (.mbx).
  • Layout frames and objects presented for quick view and edit. Navigate in your layout using the grid to select and edit frames.
  • Tables displayed in a friendly grid format with data validation (by data type) on edit. Edit the object properties using the object column. View selected objects on a mapper.


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