Spatial Projects SQL (spatialSQL)
Version 1.82
for MapInfo Professional®

Now Free Use

Advanced spatial query and update

The interface provides a simple mechanism for selecting tables, spatialSQL operators, where clause, distance and other qualifiers and update operators. See the description of features and benefits.
Programmers: explore some of the possibilities of MapBasic custom functions .
spatialSQL help contains a detailed description of solutions to some common GIS problems. See a summarised version of spatialSQL solutions.
Version 1.5 introduces region Visual Centroids.

29 March 2005 - A review of MapInfo buffering.

Version 1.7 provides the Function Pad (see example below)

Object properties and spatial relationships  describes basic MapInfo object properties.

Recent Changes , Jun 01, 2008
Buttonpad Interface
Select Functions
Label Functions
Update Functions
Topology Update

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