Spatial Projects SQL (spatialSQL) 
for MapInfo Professional®

Advanced spatial query and update

Features and Benefits

  • spatialSQL  provides SQL select and update functions in an intuitive graphic user interface.
  • spatialSQL provides the standard MapInfo Professional SQL operators plus a significant set of the operators defined in the OGC document, Open GIS Consortium Inc., OpenGIS Simple Features Specification For SQL Revision 1.1, OpenGIS Project Document 99-049 Release Date: May 5, 1999
  • Supports single table spatial operations - a difficult operation with the standard MapInfo interface.
  • Provides the performance of MapInfo Professional SQL for queries and updates.
  • Implements the Distinct  Select qualifier, ensuring unique result records from 2 table joins.
  • Overcomes the "no join specified between tables.." issue with standard MapInfo Select and queries where an object expression is required. Also resolves the "base tables required for join.." issue, where selections can't be used in a join.
    [eg. select * from residents,features where residents.obj within buffer(features.obj,3,300,"m") and features.type = 20 into selected_residents]

  • Update operations during the select provides significant performance and functionality advantages. In a join operation, both selected objects are available for the update operation rather than a single object in the case of the normal 2 pass MapInfo Select and Update.
  • The graphical user interface with previous selections retained for all components of the query, simplifies complex spatial queries. The user never needs to write select statements by hand.
  • Provides direction qualifiers beyind current OGC standards such as Left, right, north, south , east, west.
  • Provides topology correction in the form of line, point and node snapping and line splitting as update operators. Processing occurs on all features within the one table or two tables.
  • Seamlessly supports all object types in a query, removing the need to filter spurious object types first. Handles the special cases of advanced spatial-relate operations for each object type.
  • Provides a MapBasic program API for implementation within user programs.
  • Provides spatial query functionality of the type available in MapInfo Spatialware or Oracle Spatial Cartridge with an intuitive user interface.
  • Makes a number of useful functions available in a button pad for simple application to current selection or table.
  • The query model is able to be implemented on other platforms including MapXtreme 2004 .NET in a future version of spatialSQL.

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