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spatialSQL provides solutions to both common and complex problems facing GIS users, data developers and software developers. Summarised here are a list of problems with a spatialSQL solution. This page is an extract from the help file which has the detailed explanations for each point.

Data Structuring and Cleaning

  1. I receive data from various sources and have an in-house requirement for topology so that our various applications will provide consistent results. 
    Structuring Data to Consistent Topological Standards .
  2. I have received a very large geocoded file of addresses of inner-urban residents. There are many duplicates from apartment buildings. Is there a simple method of normalising my location data but maintaining a link to this data from my DBMS, so that I have a point table suitable for display and analysis. 
    Removing Duplicate Points .
  3. I use street polyline direction in conjunction with a one-way flag to identify one-way streets. Is there a method of setting the direction of my segmented street data so I can then apply the one-way flag?
    Setting polyline direction for one-way streets.

Spatial Rules-Based Data Filtering in Real Estate

  1. I have a a series of rules that I use to assist customers in selecting properties for lease or purchase. These rules comprise simple requirements (such as price range) as well as spatial requirements. Customers also add their own. I would like to be able to quickly produce a map of matching properties by tailoring and rerunning the rules on my current listings. Is there a method of doing this?
    Setting up spatialSQL Batch for Rules-Based Data Filtering.

Line Network Queries - Street Networks, Bus Routes, Water Reticulation

  1. How can I identify all the dead-end streets on my map?
    Using the Free Ends operator to locate line Network End Points.
  2. I have a network comprising a water pipe layer and a  layer of junctions, valves and other network point symbols. How do I add the pipe ID of connecting pipes to my junctions layer.
    Using a MapInfo Select and Update to Intersect and Identify A point and Linear feature layer.
  3. I have 2 layers, bus routes and bus stops. How do I classify my bus stops by route and direction?
    Direction Qualified Line Buffer Queries.
  4. I have a street network layer and commercial bins as an assets layer. I wish to assign a unique street segment id to my bins based on proximity to the street segment. I cant use standard MapInfo buffers because of the rounded ends and overlaps with adjacent segments.
    Unique Street Segment Location Using Median Line Buffers.

Local Government Cadastral Queries

  1. I can use thematic maps or redistricting to identify cadastral boundaries with say, common ownership. I would like to qualify this by common ownership and sharing a common boundary. How do I do this? (I also have similar queries related to zoning and other cadastral attributes that I want to rerun as mybase data changes).
    Using the combine update operator and adjacency to produce aggregate maps.

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