spCarto for MapInfo® and MapX®.

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Download spCarto (8.3 Mb)(Win/XP, Win 2000, Win/NT, Vista systems with Windows Installer)

spCarto is free use. 

Download PolyLabel (2.6 Mb) (Win/XP, Win 2000, Win/NT, systems with Windows Installer)

All prices are in US Dollars. Prices subject to change without any prior notice.
Item Description Price

PolyLabel evaluation version for MapInfo Professional® fully functional on 1 selected line, polyline or region at a time.

PL001 PolyLabel single user (CPU) licence (MapInfo Professional® ) $79

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Secure Credit Card processing using RegSoft www.regsoft.com
    Product Reference: PolyLabel

  • Bank-to-bank wire-transfers.

  • Purchase orders (qualified customers only).

In general, maintenance releases are provided free of charge, by download from the web site. Maintenance releases may also contain new features. Existing registration is continued through these releases.

A major release with significant performance or functionality improvements may require a licence upgrade.

For other configurations, please contact Spatial Projects

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