Free Tools for MapInfo Professional┬«.

Disclaimer: These programs are provided as is with no warranty or support available, unless stated otherwise during the installation. They are free for personal use.

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LayerOrder install package.

LayerOrder Documentation in PDF format (19 kb)
Download LayerOrder (30 kb) (Zip file)

spCarto install package. spCarto is now free use (personal and commercial).


Download spCarto v2.40 (8.3 mb) (Zip file)


MBTestBench install package.


Download MBtestbench v2.5006 (4.0 mb) (Zip file)


MapInfo Window restore will restore your MI Pro window to the last used position and size: minimised, maximised or any specified position. Uses a small MapBasic application with an End Handler to write the last window position to a workspace. [This program could be modified to add a preferences dialogue and named restore positions. eg. 'dual screen', ...]

Zip file has a .mb, .mbx. Follow the instructions in MI_Window_Restore.mb to set up. Specifically, add the lines:

'Restore previous window settings ... 
Run Application ProgramDirectory$() + "Set_MI_Win.wor"

to the bottom of mapinfow.mnu or startup.wor and copy MI_Window_Restore.mbx to your mapinfow.exe install directory.

Download MI_Window_Restore v1.00 (0.3 mb) (Zip file)









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